About Tommy
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Ch. Rainsong It's Good To Be King

As you can see Tommy is not a Miniature Bull Terrier, he is a Manchester Terrier. Tommy comes to us from Rain Song Manchesters and has been a wonderful addition to our family. The minibulls love playing and cuddling with him and it is quite common to find all the dogs (puppies included) piled up with Tommy in his bed. He is a very springy little fellow and never seems to tire of ga-boing, ga-boing, ga-boinging on his back legs. His favourite trick, which is of great annoyance to the minibulls, is to jump about four feet in the air for his treat.

Tommy has done fantastic in the show ring, winning numerous group placements. He finished 2011 as the No. 3 Manchester in Canada and really loved showing. Thank you Linda Yasinski for all your hard work with him.