About Merk
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Ch. Bullydust Riot Grrl Merkaba

Health Testing:
PLL Carrier

Merk is out of our 2011 litter of Penelope and Turk. She has done outstanding in the show ring getting her Canadian Championship as a puppy in just two weekends out. She is loved, co-owned and handled in the ring by Amber Crittenden. We look forward to seeing how she will do in 2012. Thank you so much Amber for all the hard work, training and love you have given this little girl.

Merk certainly is a sweet, exuberant little girl. Her various snorts and grunts have earned her the nickname 'piglet' around the house. If she's not snacking on a fresh elk bone, or stowing shoes in her kennel, she is usually spotted around Calgary wearing her doggy backpack.